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  2. Summer Time Fun Tips and Tricks

    Air out your RV by opening all of the windows and vents. 

    • Flush out the water lines. Be sure to add a Tank Freshener/Cleaner product to get rid of any lingering bacteria that worked itself into your system. We know that many people use bleach in their tanks then run the faucets till they can smell bleach. They then let it sit for 24 hours then flush the system before refilling for use.
    • Quickly spot check that all the interior fixtures and appliances are working. Both electrical and gas appliances should be tested. If you notice any issues then call Crain RV immediately, especially if you smell gas.

     There are some weird smells that can be created while your RV is stored for the winter months. We found that charcoal is your best bet for fighting odors. Place some charcoal strategically and liberally to the affected area. It can take quite a bit of charcoal if it’s a large area that has the odor. Best if you find charcoal without lighter fluid on it.

    Summer means sun, and sun means shade is at a premium. Your RV awning is by far the most useful tool for creating shade and helping make your stay at any RV park more enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if its rain cover, shade producing, or even for a little more space for your RV lifestyle, the RV awning is a staple for summer RV travel.

    • The RV awning needs special care to work as intended and so it performs well for years to come.
    • Remove dirt and sediment from it on a regular basis
    • If you have ever seen a pop-out in a RV park with a modified children’s pool toy on its edges than you may have seen this idea without realizing it. This modified toy idea helps to save your back, head, and appendages from getting gouged by your pop-out while walking or working around them. Always lower one edge so that rain and debris doesn’t sit stagnant on top of it.

    The warmer temperatures in the summer tend to put additional stress on your batteries. They tend to discharge quicker and require more topping off of fluids than during cooler months. You should try to check the fluid levels in your batteries regularly to give them the longest service life. 

    • RV etiquette is a subtle art form. Whether you’re on the road or at a RV park. Treat other how you would expect to be treated.  Be a polite as possible, try to be reasonable, and keep your calm. If everyone adhered to this rule RV’ing would be much more enjoyable. We have been guilty of breaking this rule but we can live without the issues that inevitably erupt from time to time.