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  2. Smart tips and tricks for RVers!

    1. Use a dry food container as a wastebasket. Example> A LARGE PLASTIC TEA PITCHER.
    2. At a campsite? Tie a bar of soap to the spicot with pantyhose for easy hand washing.
    3. Make your own waste tank cleaner. Mix together a cup of Borax detergent and 1/2 cup of Calgon Water Softener.
    4. Use badge holder clips to hang string lights from your awning.
    5. Use a towel rod to hold your bath products in place. Mount the towel bar about 2 inches above your counter long ways and place your personal items inside and they won’t fall over while on the road.
    6. Square containers save more space than round ones.
    7. Mount your electrical adapters to keep them neat and tidy.
    8. Wipe everything down with Pine-Sol to keep flies away.
    9. Insulate your camper windows during the cold winter months with bubble wrap.
    10. A bar of Irish Spring soap will keep mice out of your vehicle.
    11. Line every shelf and drawer with non-slip liners.
    12. Add glow-in-the-dark tape to each side of your stairs on the outside of   your RV so you can see them at night.
    13. Save all the free condiments you can. Not only are they free, but they take up a lot less space than their full-sized counterparts.
    14.  Keep wasps away with cut up flea collars. Wasps are attracted to the smell and taste of propane. To repel them, cut a flea collar in half and place in your RV compartments.
    15. Slit foam swim noodles lengthwise and slip over each awning strut. No more bonked heads!
    16. A suspension rod in the shower lets you hang clothes while they’re still damp.
    17. A little spray paint will help those sun-faded plastic parts on your RV look like new again.
    18. This tip is great for road trips of all kinds: Use shower caddies with suction cups. Attach the Shower caddie to the inside off the window to hold kid activities, kitchen seasonings, TV remote or any other miscellaneous items.