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  2. Springtime Tips and Tricks

     Hiding Place to Store Spare Set of RV Keys -

    Before leaving on your next trip, have a full set of extra keys made including the coach ignition key, compartment keys, and any other special keys. Test them and then store keys in a plastic zipper-lock storage bag. Add a small squirt of lubricant like WD-40 to help prevent corrosion.


     Glove Up for Hand Hygiene -

    Keep a box of the disposable rubber gloves in the outside water compartment. Use them if you get into raw sewage. They can be purchased at any pharmacy. Don’t save and reuse the gloves. Toss them when finished. Rings and other jewelry will puncture the gloves.


    Your Personal RV Wine Cellar -

    Protect your favorite bottles of wine by storing them in underwear and sock drawers. Nestle each bottle in and around your underwear and socks so that it is protected by the clothing.


    Store the Awning in Windy Conditions -

    If the wind is gusting, don’t put out your awning. If the wind picks up later, store the awning. This is the best and safest practice when there are strong wind conditions.


     Keep the Doors Closed - RV Tip

    Cabinet doors may pop open when traveling and especially if you have to cross a speed bump. When your rear tires cross the speed bump at a slight angle (not at the same time), this will cause your coach to rock side-to-side—sometimes with enough action to toss dishes out of upper cabinets. Plus, you do not have to be going fast for this to happen.


     Hook Up Your Tow Vehicle With Care -

    Before hooking up your tow vehicle, establish a fixed routine such as the tow bar arms first, safety cables next, wiring, and breakaway cable last. When you finish hooking up everything, literally stand up and look – carefully look – at each connection just to ensure it is good and complete.


    Extra Drawers for Your RV -

    Use lids from copy paper boxes to organize and store canned goods in cabinets. The lids are available at any print or copy shop—and usually free. Slide the lids into a cabinet shelf and if your shelf happens to be above your washer/dryer, two lids will fit side-by-side. Put canned goods in the lids. Doing so will buffer them as you are driving.