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  2. Sticky Tack for your RV!

    If you own an RV or travel a lot, you know it's a constant battle to keep things secure so they don't fall or tip over in the process. If you are not using it yet, try sticky tack (also known as poster putty). It's the best invention. It is pliable putty that usually comes in a package of 2-4 strips. I have seen it in white, blue, and yellow. It is often found in the office or school supply sections in stores and is inexpensive. My favorite brand comes from a dollar store. It is repositionable and restickable. You can use it over and over, so one package lasts a long time.

    RVer's can hang things on walls with sticky tack, keep cutting boards and bowls still, put it under a vase of flowers and on and on. Works great under pet bowls also.

    I have found so many uses for sticky tack in my home. I use it when doing crafts and in our truck while traveling. Just grab a hunk, place it under the object you want to secure and give it a little "smoosh".

    Give it a try, you'll love it and the ideas for using it are endless!