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  2. 4 Ways to Increase Storage Space in Your RV

    One of the best methods to create space out of nothing is to utilize wasted space. That means any stairs, walls or empty spaces can become places to install slide-out surfaces and drawers. You can add slide-out drawers under the coffee table, a slide-out surface under the bed, or use any other empty space to make a lot of extra storage room. You can also install a slide out cutting board that can make cooking a lot more convenient – the space in the kitchen is often limited, so adding another surface can make a huge difference.

    Another great way to save space, especially in the kitchen, is using under cabinet racks to give yourself more places to store things – you can place wine bottles, wine glasses or even plates, saving more space in the drawers and cabinets themselves.
    You can even use them in other places as well – wherever there are high surfaces, you can install the racks and store basically anything.
    An often forgotten way to simply add space is to get the most out of your walls, and it often doesn't even have to be space-consuming. By simply installing hooks to your walls or shelves, you can hang most of your clothes, bags, or kitchen utensils either temporarily or permanently. Another great way to use the hooks is to hang shoe organizers on them – this way you actually get a full selection of different small drawers that can be used to store almost anything in the bathroom, kitchen or living room areas.

    Magnets can be used extensively for anything that's made of metal. Obviously, this would be the most convenient in the kitchen, where you can put most of the knives and some of the other utensils where they will always be at arms' length. Of course, magnets can also be used to hold tools in tight spaces. Velcro also works great for holding things like remote controls.

    Updated: 10/22/2014 4:50:39 PM