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  2. May22nd ’14

    Bontrager Family Leads of Reorganization of Jayco, Inc.

    MIDDLEBURY, Ind. -- Jayco Inc., the world's largest privately-owned RV manufacturer, announced a reorganization that will provide greater hands-on roles for Wilbur Bontrager, Chairman, and Derald Bontrager, President & CEO.

    Derald Bontrager explained, "The new leadership structure will provide greater autonomy for our four operating divisions; Jayco Towables, Jayco Motorhome Group, Starcraft, and newly formed Highland Ridge RV which produces the Open Range family of products."

    "Each division will be led by its president and a dedicated operating management team with a laser focus on creating the best, most innovative models within their product range." Bontrager said. "Our four division presidents will now report directly to me, as we have flattened our organization and moved away from the need for a corporate COO."

    In conclusion, Bontrager stated, "Our new structure will enhance the speed to market, flexibility and accountability of each Jayco operating entity. With our recent acquisition, we felt it was important to our employees, dealers, customers, and our future success in the marketplace for the Bontrager family to get even closer and more involved in the day to day leadership of our businesses."

    Wilbur Bontrager, Jayco Chairman, added, "The values that formed Jayco nearly a half century ago by our parents, Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager, have been critical to our historical success, and become even more important as we grow and look to the future. Derald and I are looking forward to directly influencing and inspiring our business leaders with those core values every day as the foundation of our success in the marketplace."

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    Feb20th ’14

    Jayco Moves Forward with Jay Smart Travel Trailer

    MIDDLEBURY, Ind. -- Jayco, Inc. approved the launch of its new Jay Smart, a line of Euro-styled, ultra-lightweight RVs. The new line of towables is slated to be built on Jayco's campus in Middlebury, IN.

    Jayco displayed a prototype of the Jay Smart during the 2013 Louisville RV Show. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive by those who explored the revolutionary product. Dealers from all over the globe were excited at the prospect of Jayco producing such a modernized, easy-to-tow and lightweight travel trailer.

    Jim Jacobs, Jayco's chief operating officer commented, "With the knowledge and experience we've gained from building this new family of lightweight products, we're confident our dealers will gain an even stronger competitive advantage in the marketplace." He went on to say, "It wouldn't surprise me if along the way we find ways of incorporating some of the design and engineering elements discovered in building the Jay Smart into our other product offerings."

    Formal introduction of the Jay Smart will occur at Jayco's annual Homecoming event taking place in San Antonio, Texas the week of June 23rd.

    Initial offerings of the Jay Smart will include four floorplans in 19, 22 and two 26-foot lengths. Each unit will be built with the same streamlined, contemporary look highlighted during the RV industry's largest trade show of the year.

    Brian Donat, an industry veteran, will remain active as a product design consultant for the Jay Smart. Donat's knowledge of the European marketplace is a valuable asset and contributed greatly to the positive response from the dealer network.

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    Jan23rd ’14

    Rough Roads? No Problem...

    Wally Byam stood by his Airstream. If you had an automobile that could make it over any road condition, then you could take your Airstream with you. Of course, this was the early days - before four wheel drive and heavy duty utility vehicles.

    In planning the first Airstream Caravan in 1951, which traveled through Mexico and Central America, Wally knew the roads were going to be rough but passable. He knew that the Pan American Highway had not been completed and in Southern Mexico, the Caravan had to travel by rail on flat cars to the Guatemalan border. Wally also knew that Managua, Nicaragua was the trail's end. The Pan American Highway is non-existent into Panama.

    When least expected, the Caravan crossed primitive and localized bridges where villagers built bridges using practical applied engineering. The above picture shows a plank bridge in Mexico.

    Eight years later, on the 1959 Airstream Wally Byam African Caravan, they experienced similar bridges. This created de´ja` vu moments from the 1st Caravan to Mexico and Central America.

    Airstream's pedigree includes road testing on the six continents including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Someday, Antarctica may be included.

    The miles accumulated by Airstream Caravans and by individual owners traveling our world confirms, what Wally Byam bequeathed us in the "Wally Byam Creed."

    Wally said, "To place the great wide world at your doorstep for you who yearn to travel with all the comforts of home." Enjoy, and Live Riveted!

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